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cabo beach actionCabo lodging... where to stay? It's one of the most important decisions you'll make and it'll shape your Cabo vacation more than most other dilemmas. (Almost as much as deciding whether or not to drink the water!)

That picture to the right? It's the least flattering picture we could take of the Cabo Inn. It might not look like much, but it's something special.

You have four main choices for lodging:

  • Resort hotel
  • City hotel
  • House rental
  • Timeshares
  • The gutter

All five are viable, depending on your priorities.

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Did you know
Cabo offers many Internet cafes allowing you to get online? They're not the fastest connections in the world, but they get the job done. Expect to pay about $5 for a twenty minute chunk of access.

If you want to check a POP3 email box from Cabo's cafes, try Mail2Web's free service. You don't even need to register!

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Resorts in Cabo are just like their brethren everywhere else - some are great, some are pits. You know the old saying, location, location, location? If not, you know it now. It's the most important aspect of any resort - some are close to town and activities while most are far from signs of life. Do your research before choosing any of the resorts advertised to the right!

Resort Pros:

  • All inclusive options - If you're into not carrying cash and love drinking booze all day long, AI is the way to go.
  • Pools - Most resorts have at least one, and hot tubs are common too. Sometimes the ocean's too cold for swimming, remember that!
  • Beach - Most resorts are conveniently located along the beach. Awesome!
  • Services - Laundry, room service, concierge, activities desk, restaurants, bars... resorts pack a wallop!

Resort Cons:

  • Lock-in - When you're the only well in town, you can charge as much as you want for water and other staples, like beer!
  • Upsells - Many resorts allow dreaded timeshare gnats to use the grounds for unending sales pitches. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a mark for my entire vacation!
  • Location - Your resort might be "near" the beach and shopping, but their definition likely differs from yours and they don't all mention the six-lane highway between your room and the overpriced amenities you covet!
  • Culture - Or more specifically, a lack thereof. What's the point in going to Cabo if you don't truly experience it? Resorts are usually cookie-cutter white-bread affairs. We're talkin' aqua-jazzersize action!
  • Cost - Resorts can be pricey! Most of the more affordable resorts are better relegated to the, "Glad we didn't go there!" department.
  • Kids - Kids are great if you've got'em, but they can be a nuisance to non-breeders and empty-nesters. These small humans are more likely to be found at resorts than your other options.
  • Taxes - All resorts charge about 20% in sundry tourist taxes. Your $200/night tab quickly jumps to $240/night. That's a neat trick!

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There are plenty of fantastic properties available by the day, week or month.


  • Privacy - Run around the villa in your birthday suit! Nobody's going to know!
  • Parties - There's nothing like inviting a bevy of hotties back to your pad.
  • Kitchen - Not into ceviche and tacos? Cook whatever you fancy!

Rental Cons:

  • Location - Most (but not all) rentals are far from the action. You'll need a car or frequent taxis to truly experience what Cabo has to offer.
  • Hidden fees - Read that fine print with a magnifying glass! Some rentals require excessive deposits and cleaning fees.


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Even if you don't stay in a downtown hotel you should take a tour of the options. You'll find some pretty boring hotel rooms offered by the major chains, but you'll also find unique rooms in mom and pop settings. Some of them are so charming you'll want to grab a few carryout beverages and just hang out in the lobby.


  • Location - Most city hotels are in the action. Need something to drink? Walk next door and grab it for a few pesos.
  • Variety - Though you can find cookie-cutter hotels, there's an abundance of character-laden options. The Cabo Inn has incredible open-air rooftop rooms replete w/ chimineas, hot tubs, plants and more!
  • Price - Decent rooms start at about $35/night in some hotels.


  • Amenities - Or rather, a lack thereof. Most city hotels are a short hike to the beach and they often don't have pools. Things like room and laundry service are similarly often lacking.


Ah timeshares... We've never owned 'em, so our knowledge is secondhand and peripheral. Take it with a grain of salt. If you're going to vacation in the same spot every year, a timeshare isn't a bad idea, if you've got the wherewithal.

While there are many fine accommodations for lodging in Cabo, timeshare rentals offer some of the most exclusive places to stay. Vacationers have the option of many Mexico timeshares to choose whether they desire a resale or rental.


  • Trades - Once you own a timeshare you can trade your spot for properties in other locales.
  • Easy out - "I already have a timeshare," is the best way to get rid of timeshare salespeople.
  • Amenities - Many timeshares offer services similar to resorts.
  • Location – big resort companies can afford to build their timeshares in great locations, like beach front, and offer everything you need on site – some even offer all-inclusive services so you don't have to worry about paying for the extras like food and drink.
  • Resales - resale/rental websites like offer the properties for far less than the resorts do, this is because of the competitive nature of the secondary market. Many buyers score timeshares up to 60% off retail and receive a lot of the above benefits! It's a HUGE pro if you can get a vacation property for a small chunk of change.


  • Ownership - Ugh. With timeshares comes the burden of management. Maintenance fees raise almost every year.
  • Association - Guilty by association, you're contributing to the biggest pain in the ass imaginable. (Timeshare salespeople!)
  • Cost - They're not cheap.
  • No diversity - Though there are exceptions, timeshares are often a cookie-cutter affair.

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Really low on cash? No worries. Cabo's warm enough for street sleeping! If you're feeling brave and don't mind the sand, you can always try sleeping on the beach like our amiga to the left. Her makeshift shelter will protect her from the sun's glaring rays in the morning and also offers some protection from thrown projectiles.


  • Cheap - Expenses are minimal.
  • Options - Cabo streets can accommodate sleepers on both sides!
  • Embedded - Sleeping in the gutter allows unparalleled access to Cabo.


  • You're in the gutter - Room service? Nope. Bathroom? Um... no. You get the idea.

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